1997 VOLVO A25C

1997 VOLVO A25C

$44,500 (USD)

Clintonville, WI

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1996 Volvo Off-Highway Articulated Dump Truck, Looks a little rough however everything works as it should. Overall Length 31.75ft in, Overall Width 9.17ft in, Overall Height 10.78ft in, Wheelbase 13.67ft in, Ground Clearance 1.58ft in, Dump Height 21ft in, Dump Ground Clearance 2.1ft in, Dump Angle 70 degrees, Lower Time 12sec, Rated Payload 49,604.01lb, Capacity - Struck 13.87yd3, Raise Time 15sec, Capacity - Heaped 17.66yd3, Engine Number Of Cylinders 6, Engine Make 2244, Engine Model TD73 KCE, Gross Power 255hp, Net Power 251hp, Power Measured @ 2400rpm, Max Torque 796.6lb ft, Torque Measured @ 1200rpm, Aspiration Turbocharged, Displacement 411cu in, Operational Fuel Capacity 74gal, Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity 47.6gal, Cooling System Fluid Capacity 9.8gal, Engine Oil Capacity 6.4gal, Transmission Fluid Capacity 4.3gal, Operating Voltage 24V, Alternator Supplied Amperage 60amps, Tire Size 23.5 R 25, Transmission Type electronically controlled, fully automatic planetary transmission, Number Of Forward Gears 10, Number Of Reverse Gears 2, Max Speed 32.3mph. Weights Front Axle - Empty 19,929.8lb, Rear Axle - Empty 19,246.4lb, Front Axle - Loaded 25,353.2%, Rear Axle - Loaded 63,427lb, Total Empty 39,176.2lb, Total Loaded 88,780.2lb. Well maintained truck.


Stock NumberTOT0W3VJ080942